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Dear Readers, (aka Dear Mom(s), Grandma Marjorie, Nonny, & Baba)


     My mother was a writing teacher and despite her best efforts and sometimes somewhat desperate attempts to get me to keep a journal (she even once paid me a penny a page) I have always despised journalling!  I'd chalked it up to the common feeling of not liking the sound of my own voice, but upon moving to Europe (and realizing I can't even remember what I had for dinner last week) I've decided that my memory alone is not going to suffice for the treasure trove of experiences we are having while living abroad.

     The most fun part of this project, is that Nick and I get to work on it together.  While I do most of the writing (& Nick does all the spell checking); a few days after we get home from our trips we open a bottle of wine, reflect and discuss our favorite things we saw and did, and the things we don't want to forget! 

     That said, this is not a typical "travel blog" written in the "how to plan/ what to do/ what to pack" style - it is a more reflective "diary" format of our travels ... at least for the time being. - If any of our friends stumble upon this and are looking for more specific travel tips or more concise itineraries, shoot us an email, we'd love to hear from you!



Brooke & Nick

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